How To Use and Configure Cabo Stay and Play Packages

Register / Login required to purchase

You need to have an account and be logged in to purchase a package. Please use Cabo Registration to create an account or Login to an existing account.  After registration and login you should be redirected to the Shop Page.  It is required to have an account to purchase not to browse.

Customizing a package


  • Flights are optional
  • Adding Flights updates your hotel dates to match your flight dates.  If you want flights and a non matching resort stay please call (Tayon: 425-999-0541)

To add flights:

  1.  Select the to (outbound) and from (returning) flights that best fit your schedule.
  2. Use the Add Flights control to add flights up to 4 per package (at this time).
  3. Type in the number 1 to 4
  4. Or use the add / remove flight arrows to increment or decrement the flight.

Note: If you have added 1 or more flights your vaction dates will automatically be updated.  If you remove your flights your dates will be reset to the default or minimal stay dates for the tournament.  If you have added flights you cannot (at this time) change your stay dates.  Your stay starts when your flight arrives and ends with checkout on the day of your return flight.

To Change Stay Dates

  • If you have added flights you will not see this screen.  Your stay dates are automatically calculated.
  1. If you want to come in prior to the minimal tournament dates enter the number of days into the Add Days Before up to 10 to book the item prior.  The calender will update to visually reflect the new date as will the Vaction summary and price.
  2. To extend after use the Add Days After again ranging from 0-10 days after the end of the event.

You can use the previous button to go back and change previously configured options.

You can use the next button for the next set of options you can configure.

Your changes are saved as you click the previous and next buttons

When you have reached the Add to Cart button you have configured your stay and there are no more options to select.  Adding to cart will allow you to checkout and pay.

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