Answers to All-Things Cabo

Is Cabo Safe?  Cabo is very Safe. It is very much talked about that the government and others need to protect tourism and real estate markets there.

Should I get a rental car?  Rental cars are not necessary and are usually very expensive do to the mandatory insurance you have to pay at the counters when you arrive in Mexico.

Is there Uber?  Uber is very easy in Mexico. I have used Uber over 50 times and it’s no different than the US, besides they may not speak English.

How is the food ?  The food is really similar to the US. There is also a lot of local Mexican food and seafood restaurants.

Do I need a covid test?  As of May 1 2022. You will have to take a covid test 24 hours before your return home to US. It is easy and will cost approximately $25 USD. Results are back within a couple of hours.

Do I need a passport?  YES; this is a MUST. The minimum time for people getting passports for the first time is generally 3 months. Please check to make sure when your current passport expires as you will need a current passport for entire trip.

Should I bring pesos?  Credit cards give the best exchange rate and US currency is accepted everywhere.  I would bring small bills if you are traveling with cash.

What to expect when you arrive:
When you get your baggage and get through customs & immigration, you should bypass all the solicitors, go outside, and cross the first street.  There you will find someone with your name on a small poster.


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