A Valid Passport* & Airfair are required

in order to travel and participate in the Cabo Basketball Tournaments.

*Wait times for new or re-newed passports from the US State Department vary. Please plan accordingly.

For help with US passports and/or for more international travel information please follow the link.

Each player/team is responsible for their own airfair/transportation to and from Cabo, Mexico. 

A valid passport is required in order to travel and participate in the Cabo Basktball Tournaments.  You are obligated to confirm your current passport(s) are up to date, or you must apply for a passport for all travelers.

Travel REMINDER: please be sure you are making appropriate travel arrangements for the Tournament Wave your team is registered (Wave 1 or Wave 2).

Reminder: this tournament is for Fall/Winter 2022/23 season and your athlete will be in a different grade; their current team may not be the same

Any U.S. citizen traveling into Mexico must have a valid passport to enter the country. The passport must be valid (i.e., not expired or expiring soon) and have at least one blank page for a stamp. Be sure to check your passport’s expiration date ahead of travel and be prepared to renew it if it’s expiring within the next six months. While the U.S. Department of State recommends that you have only one available blank page, it’s always good to have a few just in case.

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